Referral App

Send referrals to businesses that you know and trust using the Referral App and earn a cash referral fee.

Most people are happy to recommend a trusted business to a contact who is looking for a particular service or product.

Most businesses are happy to pay a referral fee for new business leads that result in new customers.

The Referral App brings this all together connecting the potential customer with the business and tracks the referral’s progress until the job is completed and the referrer receives a cash payment from the business.


Referral for Business

Leverage your existing customer base to provide a low cost method of engaging new customers with your business.

When a satisfied customer is asked if they can recommend a trusted business to provide a particular service make sure they recommend your business using the Referral App.

Your customer creates the referral using the app and puts the potential new customer in contact with your business.

If the referral results in a new customer for your business you can reward your existing customer with a small referral fee, paid direct through the app.


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